Introduction to C++ Programming Language

Introduction to C++ Programming Language

C++ programming language was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at bell laboratories in 1983. C++ has its roots in C Programming Language, providing the number of features that spruce up the C language or in other words we can say that C++  is an extension to C: it use all the syntax of C but adds new features.

C is a procedural programming language and do not support OOP (Object Oriented Programming) while C++ provides the capabilities for Object Oriented Programming and It also follows the procedural programming paradigm.

In C++ bottom-up approach is used in which base elements are first formulated then these elements are linked to give rise to larger system. One of the greatest advantages of using C++ programming language is the security of data. This is because of specific OOP feature like data hiding which is not present in C. Objects are the building blocks of C++ program while building blocks  of C is functions. In C++ we can use functions inside the structure but it cannot be done C language.

C++ programming language has become a dominant language in both colleges and industries. It is easier to understand because it is more near to human language and less special characters are used in the syntax as compared to C language or we can say that C++ is more user friendly than C. As C++ programming language supports the Object oriented programming so different companies and software houses prefer to use C++ programming language. Now days mostly software are developed in C++ programming language. Objects are essentially reusable software component that model items in the real world. Using a modular, object-oriented design and implementation approach can make software development groups much more productive than is possible with previous programming techniques.

C++ is a very powerful and versatile language. C++ is by far most widely used language. Java (C++ based language) is the recent addition to the field of Object Oriented Language but it lacks certain features like multiple inheritances, templates and pointers that make java less powerful and less adaptable language than C++. C# is also a C++ based language.

The code of C++ is executed with the help of compiler. The compilers which are specifically used for the execution of C code cannot execute code of C++ but compilers which are designed for C++ can execute the code of C language. There many compilers which can execute C++ programming language code like Code Blocks, Bloodshed DEV C++ , Borland  C++, Apple C++, Microsoft Visual studio 6.0, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 express edition etc.

You can use any of the above compilers but our recommendation is to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 express edition.

This was a brief introduction about C++ programming language to give overview about the language and its relationship with other languages. We will practically implement all the concepts of C++ in next tutorials.

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Variables In C Programming language

C language is widely used programming language. Having a large number of functions to perform different tasks. By using printf() function we can display a string of characters on screen. But imagine if you want to add two numbers and show it’s output on screen. lets do it in your mind, suppose first number is 7 and second is 8, do some math, 7+8 = 15. But how can you do it in C language? So it can be performed by using variables.
Variables are just like placeholders in memory where different type of data is stored. Like the above example, you can perform it in C language like this:
1. int sum;
2. sum = 7 + 8;
3. printf(“The Sum is %d”, sum);
The Sum is 15
In first line, a variable is declared and in second line it is initialized. Third line will print the sum on screen.

Declaration of a Variable:

Declaration of a variable is a process to create a place or location in memory. A variable should be declared before use. In declaration process you have to first specify the type of variable, then variable’s identifier or name. In above example int is the data_type (Variable’s type) and sum is the name of variable, which is used through out the program.
data_type  variable_identifier;
int Sum; 

Initialization of a Variable:

After declaring a variable you have to initialize it. You can initialize a variable by giving it default value within the program or by taking value from user using scanf() function.
variable_identifier  =  value;
sum = 7 + 8;
You can initialize a variable in the same line of it’s declaration. i.e. int sum = 7+8;

Variable Identifier:

Variable identifier is just a name of variable. In C language you have to give an address to a variable, that is assigned to it’s location in memory. For example you want to take average of 5 numbers so you will create a variable and give it a name e.g avg. So in memory a placeholder will be created and it’s address will be avg. Just like the syntax of a language you have to follow it’s rules to name a variable. These are simple rules:
  1. A variable name can only contain Alphabets, Digits and underscores (_).
  2. It can only start with alphabets or underscores (_).
  3. Variable name can not be a keyword i.e, for, while, if.
  4. Special characters are not permitted.
  5. Variable identifier is case sensitive. So uppercase letters are discrete from lowercase letters.
Valid examples: average, _sum, mul2, first_name, Last_name
Invalid examples: 2mor, int, num 1, mul^2, $pow, %age

Example Program of Variables:

A program that will take 2 numbers from user end and after taking sum it will show the result on screen.
int main()
    int num1, num2, sum;
    printf(“Enter Two Numbers: “);
    scanf(“%d%d”, &amp;num1, &amp;num2);
    sum = num1 + num2;
    printf(“Sum of Two Numbers is = %d”, );
    return 0;

From your side:

I hope this tutorial will definitely help you to understand variables in C programming language. If you get any kind of confusion about variables, just go below to comment section and ask you question. I will try my best to clear you confusion. Stay blessed and keep visiting for more tutorials.

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What are Escape Sequences In C Language? How to Use Escape Sequences?

Escape Sequences
In C language there are some characters that are not treated as the same. These character combinations that give different results such as a new line, a tab space, or a backspace, are known as escape sequences.
Today in this article, I am going to share a list of escape sequences with syntax and examples that can be used in strings or printf() function.

Syntax of Escape Sequences:

Escape sequences in C language start with a backslash (\) and followed by a character. e.g, to get a new line, ‘\n’ is used for this purpose.

Escape Sequences
\a Bell (Alert)
New line
\t Tab Space
\f Formfeed
\b Backspace
\r Carriage Return
\\ Backslash
\’ Single Quotation Mark
\” Double Quotation Mark
Note: As you see, backslash is used for escape sequences, that’s why it is not treated as backslash by complier, so in order to print a backslash, double backslashes are used i.e (\\). first is to start escape sequence and second is to print backslash.


#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
 printf("*****************************\n"); // '\n' for new line 
 printf("**\tZAKETECK.COM\t**\n");      // '\t' for tab space
        return 0;
**      ZAKETECK.COM      **


Escape Sequences in C language are explained to you with example. If you got any problem with this topic, you can let me know, by using comment section.

More C language topics will be covered in coming articles. Peace and blogg

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C Programming - Scanf in C

Scanf in c
In C programming language, there are many functions which are used to perform different tasks, like printf() function which is used to print a series of characters (words) on screen, there is another function called scanf().

scanf() Function:

scanf is a built in function of C language, lives inside 'stdio.h’ header file. It takes input from user. Normally keyboard is used to take the input.

Syntex of scanf() Function:

scanf() function has two arguments, 1. (“%d”) 2. (&varName)
  1. (“%d”) specifies the type of data, for example int, char, float etc.
  2. (&varName) specifies into which variable the typed data will be assigned.
scanf(“control string”, &variable1, &variable2);
The purpose of & is to define address of variable.


int main() 
    int age; 
    printf("Enter Your Age: "); 
    scanf("%d", &age); 
    printf("Your Age is %d"); 
    return 0; 


Enter Your Age: 18
Your Age is 18
Printf() function is normally used to display the data on screen, which is stored in variable using scanf() function.

Any question?

If you have any question regarding to scanf() function, you can write it down by using our comment form below. Thanks, peace and blessings with you.